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CMorpho6c Class Reference

Morphological operation on images in 6 conectivity. More...

#include <Morpho6c.h>

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Public Methods

 CMorpho6c ()
virtual ~CMorpho6c ()
CImageGreychamfer (CImageGrey *in, short mode = 0)
 Succesive erosion - distance to complementary.

CImageGreygeodesicErosion (CImageGrey *mark, CImageGrey *ref, int border)
 Geodesic Erosion. More...

CImageGreygeodesicDilation (CImageGrey *mark, CImageGrey *ref, int border)
 Geodesic Dilation.

CImageGreywatershed (CImageGrey *in)
 Watershed - Vincent-Soile's algorithm.

CImageGreywatershed2 (CImageGrey *in)
 Watershed - Vincent-Soile's algorithm.

CImageGreywatershedSaliency (CImageGrey *in)
 Watershed with the contours valuated by their saliency - Najman/Schmitt's algorithm.

CImageGreyskeleton_anchor (CImageGrey *in, CImageGrey *anchor)
 Skeleton with anchor points - Vincent algorithm. More...

CImageGreyskeletonTalbotVincent (CImageGrey *in, CImageGrey *anchor)
 Skeleton Talbot-Vincent algorithm - in == distance image.

CImageGreyskeletonMeyer (CImageGrey *in)
 Skeleton Meyer.

CImageGreyconnectedComponents (CImageGrey *in)
 Connected component labeling.

Private Methods

void upstreamPoints (CImageGrey *in, CImageGrey *out)
 upstream points for skeleton. More...

void crestPoints (CImageGrey *in, CImageGrey *out)
 Crest points for skeleton. More...

void wshed_process_point (LPPIXEL p, LPPIXEL pp, short pr, QPixelT * qpixel, QShortT * qparity, char *flag)
 Process a point of watershed.

virtual CImageGreydilate (CImageGrey *in, CImageGrey *out)
 Size 1 dilation, private function.

virtual CImageGreyerode (CImageGrey *in, CImageGrey *out)
 Size 1 erosion, private function.

Detailed Description

Morphological operation on images in 6 conectivity.

Laurent Najman
Image Processing
Id: Morpho6c.h,v 1.4 2001/08/28 22:04:25 laurentnajman Exp
This class contains all the morphological operators, as dilation, erosion, or watershed, for the 6 conectivity. Of course,as the structring elements are 6-conected, results such as watershed or skeleton are 6-conected. The 6 conectivity is obtained by shifting by 1 each other row of the image.

This paragraphe has to be enhanced !!!

Member Function Documentation

void CMorpho6c::crestPoints ( CImageGrey * in,
CImageGrey * out ) [private]

Crest points for skeleton.

Crest points are described in Meyer's paper (Serra88)

CImageGrey * CMorpho6c::geodesicErosion ( CImageGrey * mark,
CImageGrey * ref,
int border ) [virtual]

Geodesic Erosion.

This function compute the geodesical erosion of the image mark above image ref. In other words, it computes iteratively until stability the erosion of mark by an hexagonal ball of size 1, and takes the union of the result with ref.

Reimplemented from CMorpho.

CImageGrey * CMorpho6c::skeleton_anchor ( CImageGrey * in,
CImageGrey * anchor ) [virtual]

Skeleton with anchor points - Vincent algorithm.


Reimplemented from CMorpho.

void CMorpho6c::upstreamPoints ( CImageGrey * in,
CImageGrey * out ) [private]

upstream points for skeleton.

Upstream is described in Meyer's paper (Serra88)

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